Aero P3 stripper



Aero P2 stripper
Aero P2 stripper
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Aero P1 forearm protector
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Aero P3 stripper
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Any of our products that carry the designation P3 are designed for youth players. For batsmen, this means coping with deliveries that leave the bowler's hand at up to 110 kph (70 mph).

P3 products are designed to unclutter the game. Get rid of heavy, cumbersome, old-style pads that make you waddle between wickets. Using P3s will allow you to play your shots and run properly - enhancing your enjoyment of playing cricket. If you want to feel well protected and gain the confidence to take on the best bowlers in your game, Aero P3 products are the equipment for you.

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    MACE 2 in 1 Thigh Pad Set

    Cricket Thigh Pad

     Modern design thigh guard Combination of Outer and Inner thigh guards Light weight Sweat absorbing terry material cover Straps for fastening SS AEROLITE 2 in 1 Combo Thigh guard

    Ultra cool all in one

    Velcro adjustable inner and outer thigh pad & protection system

    Contoured superior fit

    Size X-Small or XX-Small
    Brand Aero
    Righty / Lefty Youth RH
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