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Cricket Equipment Size Guide

We hope that you will find all the help and guidance here that you need to help you make the correct purchase and to help eliminate any disappointment from receiving something that doesn’t quite fit. You will find product specific sizes in our buying drop down lists at the point of purchase to help you further. If you feel that you need any additional help or information before purchasing then please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call on 1(630) 534 5142 between 9.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday USA CST time.If by chance you do receive something that doesn’t fit, then you have the peace of mind of our 14 day ‘no quibble’ guarantee which means that you can either exchange or have a refund on your purchase..... that’s our simple customer pledge.

Cricket Bat Size Guide

cricket bats....cricketers and all top coaches agree with suppliers and manufacturers that choosing the correct size bat is vital for the proper technical development of young cricketers. It is important that the bat is not too long and more importantly not too heavy to hinder correct stroke play and good technique. Junior bats are scaled down in size and weight to meet this important requirement. bat size approx age height of batsman bat length bat width
1 4-5 to 4'.3" 25 1/4" 3 1/2"
2 6-7 4'.3" - 4'.6" 27 3/4" 3 1/2"
3 8 4'.6"-4'.9" 28 3/4" 3 3/4"
4 9-11 4'.9"-4'.11" 29 3/4" 3 3/4"
5 10-12 4'.11"-5'.2" 30 3/4" 4"
6 12-14 5'.2"-5'.6" 31 3/4" 4"
Harrow 15+ 5'.6"-5'.9" 32 3/4" 4 1/6"
Full SH 15+ 5'.9"-6'.2" 33 1/2" 4 1/6"
Full LH 15+ over 6'.2" 34 3/8" 4 1/6"

Junior Cricket Bat Weights

Approx weights of junior bats - this can depend on whether the bat is English or Kashmir Willow. Kashmir Willow bats tend to be at the heavier end of the scales set out below and are approximate average weights per size (in lbs and oz) across all brands of bats that we stock. Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Harrow
1'11-1'13 1'12-2'.0 1'13-2'.1 2'1-2'3 2'2-2'4 2'5-2'7

Cricket Pad Size Guide

batting/ keeping pads.... the critical measurement here is the approx distance ( unfortunately sizes can vary slightly from make to make) from the middle of the knee cap down to the instep - where the tongue of your shoe would sit. Please note that not all pads are available in every size shown here, but this guide should be a good help. Size of pads Length Height of player Age
Small Boys 30 - 32 cm up to 4ft 6in 6 - 8
Boys 32 - 35 cm 4ft 6in - 5ft 9 - 11
Youths 36 - 38 cm 5ft - 5ft 7in 12 - 15
Mens 39 - 43 cm 5ft 7in ñ 6ft 3in 15+
Large Mens 44 - 48 cm 6ft 3in and above 15+

Cricket Gloves Size Guide

batting/ keeping gloves.. a bit tricky this one! - but hopefully this will guide you in the right direction. It has been put together with the help of G&M and Slazenger. The critical measurement is from the start of the wrist to the tip of your longest finger, in a straight line. This again is only approx, but this guide should again be a good help in steering you in the right direction. Size of gloves Typical height of player Typical Age
Small Boys up to 4ft 6in 8-Jun
Boys 4ft 6in - 5ft 11-Sep
Youths 5ft - 5ft 7in 15-Dec
Mens 5ft 7in - 6ft 3in 15+
OSM 6ft 3in and above 15+

Cricket Helmet Size Guide

...... a good fitting helmet is worn with the peak protruding horizontally from the line of the eyebrows. It should feel firm but comfortable with no excessive movement in any direction. To measure, run a tape measure around the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows, around the side - just above the ears to the ‘bump’ on the back of the head. Over time the internal padding will mould to the shape of the head. Size of helmet To fit head circumference Typical Age
Small Boys 51 - 52cm 6 - 8
Boys 53 - 54cm 9 - 11
Youths 55 - 56cm 12 - 15
Mens 56cm and above 15+

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