Tornado Heavy Cricket Tennis Ball



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Tornado Heavy Cricket Tennis Ball
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Tornado heavy cricket tennis ball is a heavy cricket tennis ball that weighs between 122g - 130g. Sold by Cricket Merchant in a set of six balls in a box, ie. purchase six quantity to receive a box. Comes in Yellow, Red and White color. This is a cricket tennis ball.

Undoubtedly worlds best quality heavy tennis ball for the game of cricket. Finish product is made after testing & cutting 50+ heavy tennis ball brands, which is why these heavy tennis ball has exceptional bounce and is equipped with best quality felt fabric and rubber from south India. Each and every ball goes under stringent quality control from high precision manufacturing to cricket field. These balls are finished with finest quality chemical bounding making it one of the only ball to last longer than any other brands.

Choice of many leagues and players across globe, Best of All! Tornado Cricket Heavy Tennis Ball

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    Brand: CM

    CM is a USA cricket gear/equipment brand. CM Cricket has pioneers Custom Made Cricket (CM Cricket) Bats designs and have products some of the best out of the world customer cricket bats. CM is one of the most trusted cricket bat manufacturing brand in North America.

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    Tornado Heavy Cricket Tennis Ball

    Cricket Tennis Ball

     Tornado tennis ball

    Heavy cricket tennis ball

    Cricket tennis ball

    Color Red or White or Yellow
    Brand CM