Masuri Vision Series Club Steel Cricket Helmet



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Masuri Vision Series Club Steel Cricket Helmet
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Small men's 550-580mm.
Standard 580-610mm.
Large 610-640mm.
A quality entry level helmet for every age and ability.
Superior vision and protection.
A high level of impact protection and comfort.
Unique design, superior comfort.
Reinforced peak and grille for greater facial safety.
Twin shell technology for extra durability under impact.
State-of-the-art design, superior protection.

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    Brand: Masuri

    Masuri’s cricket products are designed for cricketers by cricketers. Masuri is know for making best protective gear, especially cricket helmets. In 2019, Masuri joined forces with Sareen Sports to deliver the TON by Masuri range of cricket bats. Complimenting the new range of batting protection, Masuri wanted to complete their offering but without compromising their pedigree as protection specialists.

    The official partnership between Masuri and Sareen Sports is a revolutionary move proving successful worldwide.

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    Affordable Club Level Helmet

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    For Cricketers Of All Ages

    The vision series club helmet, is the latest cricket helmet range from Masuri, is an affordable club level helmet for cricketers of all ages and abilities. 

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    Cricket Helmet

    A need for improvement in player safety had been identified by the ICC. In response we have developed the Masuri Vision Series. Our new market-leading design incorporates innovative safety features that mean that the Masuri Vision Series not only adheres to the new safety standards but sets new standards in cricket helmet design and manufacturing.

    The Vision Series Club offers enhanced head protection and comfort, thanks to a strong, lightweight design. Featuring strategically-placed air flow vents and a new reinforced rim (HRS), the Vision Series Club provides superior vision, cooling and protection.

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     Masuri’s Halo Reinforcement System (HRS) is an extra strength helmet rim featured on every model in the Vision Series. Made from the latest reinforced plastics, HRS significantly increases protection by ensuring minimal deformation of the helmet shell during impact.


    The Vision Series Club model grille incorporates advanced manufacturing techniques to give cricketers of all levels greater protection. 


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    Color Green or Maroon or Navy or Black
    Size Large or Medium
    Brand Masuri