Hybrid Sweatband - Wrist Sweatbands - D30



MACE LE Combo Thigh Pad Set - White
MACE LE Combo Thigh Pad Set - White
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Hybrid Sweatband - Wrist Sweatbands - D30

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Brand: Ayrtek

At Ayrtek Cricket Limited we specialise in the cricket equipment market with our most prominent products being a multi-award-winning cricket helmet range offering both Senior and Junior Cricket Helmets.

As part of the cricket kit range, we offer a UK made Cricket Bat for sale along with softs including Batting Gloves, Cricket Pads and other forms of personal protection. Our popular Cricket bag is also available as part of cricket kit carrying the Ayrtek Cricket brand name. #TeamTek #DareToDiffer

Ayrtek Cricket Limited are a Bristol (U.K) based sports equipment company that has been dabbling in the wonderful world of cricket equipment since 2007. Using a BSc Sports Technology degree to design innovative sports equipment for the cricket market and beyond.

The Cricket Helmet’s unique shape is widely recognised on the market and was built from scratch following an extensive Research and Development phase where we spoke to experts in the field that had identified weaknesses in older cricket helmet designs that had led to injuries occurring due to peak flexion or sideways deformation upon impact from the ball.

#DesignedToDeflect Why the weird shape?

It’s a question I’ve been asked many times over the last 12 years since the design came about. It would have been much quicker, easier and cheaper to have simply taken an existing “traditional” helmet shell design and integrated an airliner into it. However, this wouldn’t have improved the issues that were identified to us surrounding peak flexion and weakness in the helmet designs back then.

This is where we took the decision to #DareToDiffer and create something new and unique that addressed design issues that had led to previous helmet failures causing injuries to players. This meant change, this meant new, this meant taking the opportunity to innovate with a pioneering design! Working with a UK based design house we carried out 3D FEA with Simpact Engineering Ltd. to do testing on the design against the quickest ball faced back then at 101mph to ensure we were onto something that would work in reality. #innovatedontimitate

Do you want to blend in or Stand out? #DareToDiffer

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Brand Ayrtek