Bat Knocking & Oiling - With Bat Purchase



SG Liam Xtreme Cricket Bat
SG Liam Xtreme Cricket Bat
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MACE Hoody and Lower Polyester Knitted Fabric
MACE Hoody and Lower Polyester Knitted Fabric
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Bat Knocking & Oiling - With Bat Purchase
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Knocking and Oiling cost for bats not purchased from Cricket Merchant LLC is $100 plus both way shipping.
Combination of manual and machine knocks, usually ships within 2 days.
If you are purchasing any type of knocking service, include a return paid shipping label when you ship your bat to us.
You agree that with this service purchase, you will not be able to return the bat for refund.

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    Brand: CM

    CM is a USA cricket gear/equipment brand. CM Cricket has pioneers Custom Made Cricket (CM Cricket) Bats designs and have products some of the best out of the world customer cricket bats. CM is one of the most trusted cricket bat manufacturing brand in North America.

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    100% Original
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    Free Delivery on order $200 or more

    Oiled and Knocked

    Have peace of mind! Don't keep your neighbours awake.

    • Get your bat game ready

    • Oiling cricket bat is the first step in the knocking in process. Bat oiling increase bat longevity and to maintain bat moisture

    • 9000 smart knock will compress your bat willow to a level where you will only have to spend one or two 20 minute batting net sessions to completely knock a bat

    • Hand knock the edges and provide finishing touch to bat toe

    • We do not guarantee increase in bat performance, bat performance is depended on purchased bat willow grade and not knocking

    Brand CM