Catalog Associate

West Chicago,, United States operates in a virtual, global eCommerce environment without boundaries, and operates a niche business in two countries, including Retail, third party marketplaces, and eCommerce platforms.

Job Type: Entry level [Part-Time, Seasonal, Intern]

Pay: Hourly depending on experience

Website Catalog team is responsible to ensure remains competitive in the online retail space with the best price, wide selection and very good product information. The team’s primary role is to enhance product information/description in addition to social site marketing strategies and day-to-day activities. The tasks handled by this group have a direct impact on customer buying decisions and online user experience.

The Catalog Associate is the entry-level role in the organization. In this role, the individual works on one or more critical task for a particular retail product category. These tasks include (but are not limited to) populating/procuring content for the product catalogs on the Web Site, interacting/Coordinating with vendors/manufacturers, identifying and correcting errors/complaints, maintaining records of work received and performed. The individual is expected to perform these tasks by using fair judgment in understanding instructions provided by the Process Lead/Manager.

Role and Responsibilities:

Handle the day-to-day volumes of the assigned tasks and ensure the given tasks are met per quality standards.

Interacting and coordinating with vendors/buyers to accurately reflect the website catalog for price, product details and other product-related information.


Skills and Competencies Required:

• Basic analytical skills, having the ability to dive deep into a problem.

• Strong business communication skills – ability to communicate with internal/external stakeholders clearly and concisely.

• MS Excel proficiency – ability to mine voluminous data for specific detail according to instructions provided.

• Familiarity with navigating the internet – research techniques on the internet and finding required information quickly.

• Strong English writing skills – Blogs, Facebook posts

Experience and Qualifications:

College education in any discipline. Diploma holders will also be considered. Marketing and or Financial related will be preferred.


1 – 2 years of experience in data-driven business operations processes – BPOs, Operations processes where associates are required to handle large volume of data as part of their daily tasks and take decisions based on analysis of such data (Preferred Qualification).