TON Player Cricket Bat

Super Grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bat
January 13, 2017 by
TON Player Cricket Bat

TON Player Edition cricket bat is a sub-continent marvel, best of the best. This one in particular has one of the best lite pickup, a 2lb 12oz feels like 2lb 7oz. This TON Player cricket bat is used by some of the world's best players and as you may have noticed in last world cup, almost 2-3 players from each asian team had TON cricket bats. These bats are hand crafted and are naturally air dried, which is true for most of the asian bat manufacturer. 

Bat does not come with toe guard. TON new bat stickers are so appealing that you will end up buying one just because it looks beautiful. Make no mistake these are beast when it come to power, has one of the best pig when compared with UK or Australian or New Zealand brands. 

Player edition TON bat is known for its very thick edges and power hitting. Bat is hand crafted with carefully selected UK home premium grade 1 with naturally air dried unique SS process. Bat is designed with heavy profile but carrying a low weight. Bat is having huge sweet spot with extra ordinary balance. This bat is top line TON English Willow Cricket bat. Its handle is made of top quality canes which give super easy and shock free Cricketing performance. With new padded carry case and new TON series bat, SS edged over other manufacturing companies.

TON Player Cricket Bat
Admin January 13, 2017
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