TON Cricket Bats

The Myths & The Facts, what does TON mean
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TON Cricket Bats


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Made from Premium English WIllow

Obsession of many , TON has revolutionized brand SS 

What does TON really mean. Does TON mean SS?

Partially true because TON cricket bats are made by Sareen Sports Industries, which is why SS. TON also means a century, indicates that a cricketer hit a ton. In addition to SS, TON is also a registered trade mark of SS. TON was registered as a trade mark when SS was pulling its sleeves to introduce SS bats in England. Surridge Sports - UK, which also goes by SS does not have the same logo as Sareen Sports, however not to confuse their prospect customers, Sareen Sports may have decided to register TON as the brand to sell bats in UK. TON cricket bats were launch in UK with Ravi Bopara and few other local players. TON stamps on SS and TON bats caught players eye and the launch was a huge success. World got to see new TON stickers on Sareen Sports bats that else were in the world were sold with SS stickers.

Where can you buy one?

TON Cricket bats can be purchased in our store or on our online website for worldwide delivery. For other retailers visit

What is the difference between TON and SS Cricket Bats?

Comparison cannot be done simply because both SS and TON Cricket bats are made from English Willow procured from UK at Sareen Sports Sports complex in Meerut, UP - India. Yes each bats quality, ping, life, and price will vary. Top grade bats in each brand are made with same willow. For example, SS Gladiator Cricket Bat and SS Reserve Edition Cricket bats have same willow grade with varied profile, which is what makes both distinct cricket bat.

Is there a full list of TON English Willow Bats?

SS offers below listed TON bats. Most will be available from their distributor such as Cricket Merchant LLC

TON Reserve Edition Cricket Bat

TON Player Edition Cricket Bat

TON Gold Edition Cricket Bat

TON Silver Edition Cricket Bat

TON Vertu Cricket Bat

TON Slasher Cricket Bat

TON Gutsy Cricket Bat

TON Super Cricket Bat

TON Glory Cricket Bat

TON Elite Cricket Bat

TON Cricket Bats
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