Kookaburra Blaze Pro Batting Pads

Grade 1 Professional Quality Pads
February 16, 2018 by
Kookaburra Blaze Pro Batting Pads
Mila Sollu



The striking graphics throughout the Blaze range are no exception on the batting pads.  High density foam fronted with subtle and stylish flex points and rubberised tabs make the Blaze a real players pad.

  • MODEL: Blaze Pro
  • CODE: 6F111

Kookaburra Blaze Pro cricket batting legguards are grade 1 professional quality pads featuring microweigt HDF reinforced canes, Penta flex contour knee roll, integral HDF thigh protection and a white PU facing. Available at cricketmerchant.com

  • Sizes: OSA, SA & A

Blaze Batting Pads

Profile Grade 1 Protection
Impact Protection EXTERNAL • Micro Weight Square HDF (low rebound) with Reinforced Cane rods & HDF Side Wing • Three Piece Square HDF (low rebound) Knee Roll with Vertical (HDF) Bolsters provides enhanced shape retention. INTERNAL • Integral HDF Thigh Protection – Penta-Flex (Mesh & PU faced) • Penta-Flex ‘Contour +’ Knee Roll (Mesh & PU faced) • Quad-Flex Integral Shin Bolster (Mesh & PU faced)
Features • 7 Cane Width with unique Ergonomic Side Wing providing enhanced flexibility & comfort • Premium ‘Mesh & PU’ Thigh, Knee & Vertical Bolsters for increased comfort • Ergonomically Shaped Thigh, Calf & Ankle Straps to make fastening easier • Premium PVC Instep with Piping
Facing Premium White PU
Straps • 50mm Calf & Ankle with 50mm Hook & Loop, 25mm Thigh with 25mm Hook & Loop • Brushed Cotton Padded – Thigh, Calf & Ankle

Kookaburra Blaze Pro Batting Pads
Mila Sollu February 16, 2018
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