Kookaburra 800 KEEPING GLOVES

Grade 2 Protection with Premium Leather
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Kookaburra 800 KEEPING GLOVES
Mila Sollu



The Kookaburra wicket keeping gloves collection offer keepers a choice of either traditional 'long cut' gloves, the choice of England's Jos Buttler or the Aussie 'shorti' style gloves. Available at cricketmerchant.com

  • MODEL: 800
  • CODE: 6F212

The Kookaburra 800 wicket keeping gloves features Aussie 'shorti' cuff, Premium leather, unique Kookaburra catching cup and Kookaburra Supa-Grip

  • Sizes: OSA, A & Y

Kookaburra 1500 Wicket Keeping Gloves

Profile Grade 2 Protection
Palm Premium Leather
Lining Premium Leather
Padding Unique Kookaburra Catching Cup
Rubber Kookaburra Supa Grip
Fingers Super Soft Premium PU with Durable Fibre Wear Patches to ends
Back Super Soft Premium PU with K Flex Support patch
Cuff Shorti with foam padding & Premium Super Soft Brushed Cotton lining
Web Strap, law 40.2 compliant – with reinforcement
Thumb Unique setting to enhance Catching Cup


Shorti - Kookaburra’s ‘Aussie Shorti’ style glove uses a rounded and low profile cuff, in order to allow for maximum movement and agility.

KCC - The Kookaburra Catching Cup uses unique padding and flex points within the palm to provide a perfect enclosure around the ball.

Fibre Wear - Kookaburra use finger tabs constructed of tough scuff material and reinforced mouldings to provide immense durability.

Supagrip - Traditional rubber grip is ideal for wicket keepers who are just beginning to learn their craft.

Kookaburra 800 KEEPING GLOVES
Mila Sollu February 13, 2018
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