Kookaburra 600 Bat Cover

Best Quality Materials Bat Cover
February 13, 2018 by
Kookaburra 600 Bat Cover
Mila Sollu



600 Bat Cover

Functional features, high quality materials and smart graphics make Kookaburra bat covers an obvious choice for any progressive player. Available at cricketmerchant.com

  • MODEL: Pro 600 Cover
  • CODE: 7E081

Kookaburra Pro 600 Cover offers blade protection with hook and loop closure and carry strap.

  • Colours: Green/White/Black
  • Sizes: 640 x 160mm

Kookaburra 600 Cricket Bat Cover


'Kooka Tuff' - 600d nylon braided polyster material which can take the wear and tear.

Kookaburra 600 Bat Cover
Mila Sollu February 13, 2018
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