SS Storm Batting Cricket Pads - Mens- Navy



SS Storm Batting Cricket Pads - Mens- White
SS Storm Batting Cricket Pads - Mens- White
SS Flame Batting Cricket Pads - Mens- Navy
SS Flame Batting Cricket Pads - Mens- Navy

SS Storm Batting Cricket Pads - Mens- Navy
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One of the finest batting pads from SS(Sareen Sports), SS Storm batting pads are the best of the lot

Used by almost every other international cricketer simply because of their comfort and weight, here are some of the highlights of SS Storm batting pads

SS Storm batting pads belong to ultra lightweight range and are made from the finest PU leather.

With leather coat on the interior of the pads, in attractive colors you get additional strength for them

SS Storm batting pads come with knee locator which will hold your kneecap very well.

With vertical foam bolsters and fiber your knees will get extra protection.

They have thick padding all around the pads which makes batsman comfortable even with 90mph ball hitting the pads

SS Storm batting pads do have extra wide leg protection.

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Brand: SS

Sareen Sports Industries was started in the year 1969 by Mr. N.K. Sareen under the inspiration of his father Mr. M.L. Sareen, Sareen Sports Industries entered in the Indian market with a great hard work and dedication to launch their registered Trade-Mark SS SUNRIDGES in the year 1976. The company started export of cricket bats in 1979 to UK and Australia. Sareen Sports Industries manufacturers quality cricket equipments for meeting the requirements of national and international markets. The company also added on the production of Cricket Balls and Soft Leather Protective Equipments under the flagship of “SS SUNRIDGES” in the year 1985.

As our SS Brand Cricket Equipments are known as a name of Quality goods are used by the international cricket players like Saurav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, V.V.S Laxman, Roger Binny, Manoj Prabhakar, and many other test cricketers S. Ramesh, Yuvraj Singh, Akash Chopra, and Deep Das Gupta.

The company has a good share of export business in the world market exporting to Australia, UK, USA, South Africa, Canada, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Our company is engaged in making the product for international companies. Our product brands are TON L.E, TON ELITE, TON VA-999, TON HERITAGE, TON CAMBRIDGE. Our Sunridges SS cricket equipment is used by international players like Arvinda DeSilva, Lance Klusner, Alister Cambell, Ravindu Shah, Trevour, Hitesh Modi, Chaminda Vaas, Hassan Tilakratne and many others.

The highest test runs scored by V.V.S. Laxman 281 and now 309 by Virender Sehwag at Multan in Pakistan are by our Cricket Bat SS TON.

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