Moonwalkr ENDOS Thigh Guards - Boys



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Moonwalkr EXOS Leg Guards - White
Moonwalkr EXOS Leg Guards - White

Moonwalkr ENDOS Thigh Guards - Boys
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+ The slimmest Thigh guards ever made.
+ Studies have shown that bulky Thigh guards have a severe negative effect on running speed.
+ The result is a shortened stride length and increased stride width, a running pattern that is not as efficient as the naturally evolved stride
+ With Moonwalkr, your running speed improves by up to 3 yards for every run taken.

For something that isn’t even visible on match day, the thigh guard has traditionally been a cumbersome piece of equipment. At moonwalkr, they are about fat free design and retain only the most necessary elements to provide the ultimate in comfort, ease of movement and protection with the ENDOS. The ENDOS delivers an intimate fit, coupled with fierce strength, and is tested rigorously under all conditions.
The thin line between protection and performance.

Correct sizing for your moonwalkr ENDOS Thigh Guard is based on your height. It is not dependent on your age OR weight OR waist size:
If Height is 4’5” – 4’8”, Correct Size: Extra Small
If Height is 4’9” – 5’3”, Correct Size: Small
If Height is 5’4” – 5’8”, Correct Size: Medium
If Height is 5’9” – 6’4”, Correct Size: Large

Please find the weights of each size below:
Extra Small size = 225 grams
Small size = 310 grams
Medium size = 435 grams
Large size = 500 grams

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