Kookaburra Bubble 5 Star Cricket Bat



Kookaburra Kahuna Warrior Cricket Bat
Kookaburra Kahuna Warrior Cricket Bat
Kookaburra Kahuna 4.1 Cricket Bat - Harrow
Kookaburra Kahuna 4.1 Cricket Bat - Harrow

Kookaburra Bubble 5 Star Cricket Bat

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Sweet Spot: approximately 210mm to 240mm from toe
Edge Thickness: approximately 34mm and above
Edge Profile: round
Face Profile: rounded
Toe Profile: standard
Spine Height: approximately 65mm to 67mm
Scallop: approximately 1mm to 2mm
Bow: approximately 10mm to 12mm
Handle: oval
Weight: 2lb 8 1/2oz to 2lb 10½oz
Additional Features: ‘Hexa’ Grip and ‘Kookaburra Pre-Prepared’ (KPP)
Grade 2 Unbleached English Willow
Free of Charge Premium Padded Bat Cover
Short Handle

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Brand: Kookaburra

Kookaburra or known as Kookaburra Cricket is an Australian sports equipment company, specializing in cricket and field hockey equipment, named after the Australian kingfisher. The company notably manufactures the most widely used brand of ball used in One-day internationals and Test cricket. Kookaburra's Turf Cricket Ball has been used exclusively in Australia, New Zealand and South African Test Cricket since 1946. Kookaburra also manufacture hockey sticks and equipment which are used by many top international players such Liam De Young, Charlotte Craddock, Madonna Blyth and Marsha Marescia. Flagship stick models include the Phoenix L-Bow and the Dragon M-Bow stick.

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Brand Kookaburra
Willow Grade Grade 1
Bat Size SH
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