Instinct 1250 Cricket Batting Glove



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MACE LE Combo Thigh Pad Set - White
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Instinct 1250 Cricket Batting Glove
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The Kookaburra Instinct 1250 Batting Gloves are new batting gloves for 2015 and the choice of Darren Stevens.

The top batting gloves in Kookaburra's Instinct range, and Test Match Players (Level 5) quality, the Instinct 1250 Batting Gloves boast microweight HDF with ergonomic flexibility, enhancing design and providing superb comfort and protection..

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Brand: Kookaburra

Kookaburra or known as Kookaburra Cricket is an Australian sports equipment company, specializing in cricket and field hockey equipment, named after the Australian kingfisher. The company notably manufactures the most widely used brand of ball used in One-day internationals and Test cricket. Kookaburra's Turf Cricket Ball has been used exclusively in Australia, New Zealand and South African Test Cricket since 1946. Kookaburra also manufacture hockey sticks and equipment which are used by many top international players such Liam De Young, Charlotte Craddock, Madonna Blyth and Marsha Marescia. Flagship stick models include the Phoenix L-Bow and the Dragon M-Bow stick.

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Best Grade Kookaburra Instinct 1250 Cricket Batting Gloves

Best Grade Cricket Batting Gloves

 New Batting Gloves for 2015.

Test Match Players (Level 5) Quality and worn by Darren Stevens.

Premium Sheep Leather Palm with Kookaburra 'Max Flo' ventilation.

Premium PU Back.

Square HDF Fingers with 'Fibre Reinforced' Protection.

Top Hand - 1 Piece HDF side.

Bottom Hand - 3 Piece HDF side.

2 Piece Thumb with square HDF.

Combination QuadFlex & TriFlex HDF with 'Shark Tooth' intersections and ergonomic flex pads.

Super Soft Brushed Cotton Lining with 'TSD' foam.

Airflow Mesh Gusset.

50mm Double Sided Towel Wrist with Hook & Loop fastening.

Available in Small Mens, Mens and Large Mens.

Righty / Lefty Mens RH or Mens LH
Brand Kookaburra