TON Reserve Cricket Bat

TOP Grade 1+ Premium English Willow
January 13, 2017 by
TON Reserve Cricket Bat

TON Reserve Edition cricket bat willows are reserved for international players, which is why the name, Reserve Edition Cricket bat. Be aware that not all bats will have similar look and feel, each bat will have varied grains, edge thickness, back profile (concave or full) depending on requirements from TON's official distributors and retailers.

Since these type of willow are rare, bats like TON Reserve Edition Cricket bats are hard to find and if you do, they are not cheap. Be ready to spend big on original brand cricket bat.

In last few year we have seen introduction to shorter version of the game, because of which demand for bats have increased, more trees are cut at younger age making it difficult for tree growers to produce premium willow for bat manufacturers such as SS, TON.

TON Reserve Cricket Bat
Admin January 13, 2017
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