Kookaburra Ghost Pro Batting Pads

Grade 1 Quality Protection Pads
February 16, 2018 by
Kookaburra Ghost Pro Batting Pads
Mila Sollu



Kookaburra Ghost batting pads offer a combination of traditional and light weight modern materials that creates the ideal mix of playability and protection. Available at cricketmerchant.com

  • MODEL: Ghost Pro
  • CODE: 6F131

  • Sizes: A & SA

Kookaburra Ignite Pro Cricket Batting Pads

Profile Grade 1 Protection
Impact Protection External • Traditional Cane & Foam Construction with HDF Side Wing • Three Piece Knee Roll with Vertical Bolsters provides enhanced shape retention. Internal • Integral HDF Thigh Protection – Penta-Flex (Mesh & PU faced) • Penta-Flex ‘Contour +’ Knee Roll (Mesh & PU faced) • Quad-Flex Integral Shin Bolster (Mesh & PU faced)
Features Traditional 7 Cane Width • Premium ‘Mesh & PU’ Thigh, Knee & Vertical Bolsters for increased comfort • Ergonomically Shaped Thigh, Calf & Ankle Straps to make fastening easier • Premium PVC Instep with Piping
Facing Premium PU
Straps 50mm Calf & Ankle with 50mm Hook & Loop, 25mm Thigh with 25mm Hook & Loop • Brushed Cotton Padded – Thigh, Calf & Ankle

Kookaburra Ghost Pro Batting Pads
Mila Sollu February 16, 2018
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