GM MANA 707 Cricket Bat

Grade 2 Cricket Bat,
Shortened L540 blade designer for dynamic sweet spot,
Handle length 310mm,
F4.5 face profile,
Substantial edges at drive zone,
Pronounced spine profile,
Concaved back profile,
Engineered power at drive zone,
Flatter toe design,
MADE IN ENGLAND from prime english willow.

Brand: Gunn & Moore
Bat Size: Full Size - Short Handle

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Best Grade GM Mana 707 Cricket Bat

Premium Willow

 Blade Made of English Willow.

Its combination of being both tough yet lightweight when coupled with a reasonable resistance to splitting means

The powerarc bow, the concaved back profile and the flatter toe design enable the batsmen to play lofted shots with ease.

Construction: Seasoned unbleached Grade 2 English Willow with minor blemishes, may have some colour to one edge

Edges: Substantial edges at drive zone and engineered power at DRIVE ZONE

Swell: Big swell and extended sweet spot position

Face: Flatter face with 4.5mm face curvature

Bow: Powerarc bow

Spine: Pronounced spine and minor concaved back profile

Handle: Fitted with good quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle

Toe: Flatter toe design with ToeTek finish fitted as standard

Finish: New DYNAMIC grip and Fully Knocked on our fully automated machine - 15,000 knocks (no further knocking required)

Specifications for " GM MANA 707 Cricket Bat "

Brand Gunn & Moore
Bat Size Full Size - Short Handle
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" GM MANA 707 Cricket Bat "

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