GM Kaha Original Cricket Bat

Grade A - Premium Willow,
Supershort L524 blade length ideal for T20,
Handle length 325mm,
F4.5 face profile,
Accentuated spine profile in drive zone,
Partially conveyed back profile to give added strength,
concentrated power towards the toe,
low swell position for driving power,
MADE IN ENGLAND from prime english willow.

Brand: Gunn & Moore
Bat Size: Full Size - Short Handle

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Grade 1 GM Kaha Original Cricket Bat

Grade 1 Premium Willow Cricket Bat

 Grains : 5-7 Grains | Weight : 1180-1250 gm.

Grade 3 English willow.

Handle Size: Short Handle

Massive F2 contoured edges.

Flatter face profile|Low swell Position.


Like all the bats in the GM range of cricket bats for 2018, the GM KAHA cricket bat comes fitted with the GM Dynamic Grip. Players absolutely love the dynamic grip because it is exactly as its name suggests, Dynamic. It offers a different feel on the top hand of the cricket bat to the bottom hand. This is because they perform different functions for the batsman when he is playing his shot. It is for very good reason that GM has fitted all of their 2018 cricket bats with a GM Dynamic Grip.


The GM Kaha cricket bats come with a toe guard fitted as standard.


The handle of the GM Kaha cricket bats are made with premium cane. Cane is the best material for a cricket bat handle as it prevents vibration to the hands of the batsman and promotes power in the face and blade of the cricket bat. The semi-oval handle on the cricket bat is known to be the most comfortable and give the batsman the most amount of control. That is why the GM Neon cricket bats have semi-oval handles.

Specifications for " GM Kaha Original Cricket Bat "

Brand Gunn & Moore
Bat Size Full Size - Short Handle
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" GM Kaha Original Cricket Bat "

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