GM Original D30 L.E Batting Cricket Gloves



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GM Original D30 L.E Batting Cricket Gloves
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Gloves are important equipment of your cricket kit. Reason being, to become star you need to score tons of run. Whereas all other equipments are just meant for protection purpose, gloves are not. Apart from providing safety, they are going to play big role in yours emerging as a star as they are the ones using which you will play your shots from your bat. One can argue that it's not gloves but it's the cricket bat, your timing to play the shot & selection of the shot that will define your success. But how would you time and play your shot perfectly if your cricket bat slips in your hand resulting in impact on the wrong part of the bat or those outer or inner edges getting you out. GM B/Gloves Original D30 LE Mens comes with number of features: Pittard Leather Palm: Gm B/Gloves Original D30 are made using pittard leather palm for comfortable feel, strong grip & prolonged life.PORON XRD extreme impact protection: GM uses PORON XRD extreme impact protection to ensure adequate amount of security for you from injuries. GM B/Gloves Original LE Mens are sure to lure to buy them. It won't be a cool idea to over look the importance of right pair of gloves for you.

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    Brand: Gunn & Moore
    Gunn & Moore

    Cricket Merchant LLC has been GM's 5* Dealer and Official Online Store since 2010. Gunn & Moore, commonly shortened to GM, is a sports equipment and apparel company founded in 1885 based in Colwick, Nottinghamshire, England that specialises in cricket. It became part of the Unicorn Group in 1968. Gunn & Moore make the finest cricket bats in the World. Pick up a GM cricket bat and you will instantly know from the balance, finish and ultra high quality finish.

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    Best Grade GM Oriiginal D30 LE Batting Cricket Gloves 

    Best Grade Cricket Batting Gloves

     Ultra comfortable back of hand design giving flexibility and comfort 'Pittard Leather Palm gives superb feel, grip, comfort and durability

    Foam underlay to the back of the hand for added all day comfort

    Breathable fingers giving added comfort

    Additional protection to first two fingers of the bottom hand giving maximum protection in exposed areas

    Three-piece side bar to bottom hand giving all-round protection

    One-piece side bar protection to top hand d3o™ intelligent shock absorption material

    Brand Gunn & Moore
    Righty / Lefty Mens RH