MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat



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MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat
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Virat Kohli Players Grade - Best grade bat in MRF range.
Available in 2lb 8oz, 2lb 9oz and 2lb 10oz
Edge thickness 40mm and 38mm

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Brand: MRF

MRF's association with sports in India, especially cricket, goes all the way back to the 1980s. MRF Cricket took it to the next level in the 1990s when some of the world's best batsmen wielded bats sponsored by MRF, playing unforgettable knocks that swept you through a whole range of emotions. Now we take a step closer to you. Presenting MRF Sports Goods, available at over 350 stores across the country. Cricket Merchant LLC is proud to be one of those store, to have associated with since early 2012 . First of few cricket speciality store to partner with MRF in North America and Canada.

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Grade 1 MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat 

Grade 1 Premium Willow Cricket Bat 

 Grains : 7 - 10 Grains | Weight : 1180-1250 gm.

Grade 3 English willow.

Handle Size: Short Handle

Massive F2 contoured edges.

Flatter face profile|Low swell Position.

Brand MRF
Willow Grade Players Personal Willow
Bat Size SH